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Mpg Auto Service Schedule Services

Schedule Services

Please thoroughly fill out some information so we can expedite your visit, making it short and easy.

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Mpg Auto Service Services

Repair Services

All repairs and services are warranted for 2 years/24,000 miles, This is double the industry standard warranty.

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Mpg Auto Service Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Mpg Auto Service can perform these services at costs that are very competitive with dealerships.

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Mpg Auto Service SMOG STAR Certified

SMOG STARCertified

The Smog Check program is one of the most important air quality programs that we have to meet state air quality standards.

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Whether you're looking for classic tire brands or cutting-edge innovators of racing, off-road and high-performance tires, Mpg Auto Service is your option for all the best tire brands on the road today.
If your car has a salvage title or has been non-operational for several years, you may need a complete brake and light inspection to ensure that these basic safety systems are working well enough to get it safely back on the road. We complete the required comprehensive inspection of these two important safety systems to certify your vehicle.